Blue Zoo

Blue Zoo gives eight remarkable 14-16 year old Australian and 14-15 year old Irish teenagers the adventure of a lifetime! The Marine 8 Rookies will be trained to take over the key roles at an Australian animal conservation park to become elite marine experts.  United by their love for animals and conservation of our oceans, the interns will take on the daily responsibilities of caring for the dolphins, turtles and seals.  We will fly 4 Irish teenagers who will experience a once in a lifetime all expenses paid trip to the New South Wales central coast Australia where their adventure begins. Alongside 4 Australian teenagers, they will take part in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals under the expert training of our marine mentors. Over six weeks the teenagers will learn about each other's cultures, make new friendships and take on challenges they will never forget.

Irish applicants can click through to the TRTÉ logo to get more information on the international opportunity of a lifetime!